First Year – Basic

First Year – Basic

The first year is taught as an independent unit. It gives professionals in the mental health profession biographical counselling tools for their personal and professional development. The first year also provides the participants with a baseline for the continuation of studies in becoming a professional biographical counsellor. At the end of the year graduates receive a certificate entitled: Fundamentals in Biographical Counselling.

This year combines theoretical knowledge, experiential workshops, art assignments relevant to the studied material, reading assignments from Anthroposophical literature, individual, pair & group assignments.

Course Content Year 1:

  1. Introduction:
    1. What is biographical counselling?
    2. In-carnation & Ex-carnation – the journey between birth and death, a life of consciousness
    3. The human being according to spiritual science – the four bodies
    4. Psychological and spiritual challenges that arise as a result of crossing the threshold of our time.
  2. The First Seven Year Cycle: (0-7)
    1. The birth story
    2. Birth of the physical body – body of hope
    3. The revelation of the “I” in the first ‘seven year cycle’ (standing upright, speech and saying “I”)
    4. Education in the first ‘seven year cycle’
    5. Age 5 – the age of the birth of the physical consciousness
  3. The Second ‘Seven Year Cycle’: (7-14)
    1. The birth of the etheric body – the body of life, body of love
    2. Education in the second ‘seven year cycle’
    3. Four temperaments
    4. Age 9 – birth of self-consciousness
    5. Age 12 – the splitting of the genders and of the upper and lower parts – earthly self-definition
  4. The Third ‘Seven Year Cycle’: (14-21)
    1. The birth of the astral body – the body of soul, body of belief
    2. Education in the third ‘seven year cycle’
    3. Age 17 – Sun year
    4. Age 18.7- first encounter between Sun and Moon
    5. Age 21 –birth of the “I”
  5. The opposing forces – Lucifer and Ahriman and their role in human development.
  6. Separation of soul forces – basic teaching
  7. Karmic imperative and its fulfillment
  8. From a physical body to a virtual body – from a virtual body to “I”
  9. Basic tools in biographical counselling and personal development:

Through the various subjects taught at the School during the year, students begin to acquire the tools of biographical counselling and experience a deep and meaningful process of personal development and self-knowledge.

Process of studying:

  1. Learning the rules of biography according to the ‘seven year cycles’ and reflections.
  2. Deciphering, decoding, andfinding meaning to constitutive life events of the students with the participation of the group
  3. Model counselling process in class.
  4. Reading and understanding students biographies
  5. Goethean observation: students observing themselves and group members
  6. The students meet themselves in a deeper way, according to their age and stage of spiritual development.

The Biographical Counselling Training Program is taught by certified biographical counsellors.

In addition, courses by professional Anthroposophical teachers and lecturers include:

  • A course in”Study of Man”.
  • A course in Anthroposophical water painting entitled – “Painting from color”

drawing: Lizabeth Afek