Where did you come from?

Where did you come from and where are you going?

Welcome to our web site.

Hotam school was established to address fundamental-existential questions that relate to our innermost being.

Whether this is your first step into the wide and exciting world of biographical work, or you are already walking the path – I hope this web site will serve as another opening for you to better understand the meaning of your life, the meaning of minor and major biographical events, and the meaning of events of humanity at large. First and foremost it will provide you with a better understanding of  ‘where did you come from and where you are going’ (the mission question).
Come and  join us on an unforgettable  life journey.

The biographical counsellors that conclude the journey are granted with a profession that is fulfilling and gratifying, as it provides mental therapy and spiritual development for both counselor and counslee. The school provides unique solutions to people who  ponder about essential fate questions, who are standing at important crossroads in their lives, people who struggle with  mid-life  crisis, and people who search for meaning and purpose in life. We aim to make spiritual knowledge accessible to all of us, in order for it to assist us to live life more fully, recognize our past, and accept it as a fertile ground for the future. Moreover, it enables us to comprehend the one-time uniqueness of each life – our personal biography.

drawing: Lizabeth Afek