About ‘Hotam’ School

‘Hotam’ School

 Biographical Counselling Training in Israel

‘Hotam’ school is both training for Biographical Counseling and a developing community of individuals.

Our school doesn’t have a physical home – We work across the country in several places, especially in Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

The training program was created by Orna Ben Dor. “As a result of the spiritual process I had gone through with my spiritual teacher and biographical counsellor Mr. Tzvi Briger, since I was 33, I realized that I have something unique to bring to the world, in the field of biographical counselling.” (Orna Ben Dor)

In the last years Yaffa Lederman and Yael Armony, take part in leading the school with Orna, and many other teachers and graduates are involved in creating and developing our school and community.

Our full training program takes four years, in those years the participants get very wide Antroposophic and Biographic knowledge, and go through a very deep personal process, only then they are ready to work and accompany other people in their development.

Besides the training our school is involved and developing many projects:

  • We have 3 conferences per year for the whole ‘Hotam’ community (about 60 students), guests are invited and welcomed.
  • We established a book publishing house (Hotam), about ten books have already been published. The books we publish are Biography work books which have been developed in our school, poem books that were written inspired of the biographical process, and translations of Rudolf Steiner’s books.
  • We have online courses for people who want to obtain knowledge and tools from biographical counselling (not as a profession), and cannot do so due to where they are living, their work commitments, etc.
  • Once a year we invite Biographical Counsellors from abroad, to give a workshop in Israel – these workshops are open for all the biographical counsellors in Israel, and also for doctors, teachers, and therapists from the Antroposophic community.
  • Graduates of the school have the opportunity to continue meeting monthly, in a Research Group in which case studies are shared and current research is reviewed and studied.
  • We are involved in Waldorf Schools and kinder gardens, guiding the staff and giving lectures to the parents.


                                                       Growth and Self-fulfillment