Second Year

Second Year – Biographical counseling as a way of development

In the second year the students continue to acquire theoretical & practical knowledge, for their training as biographical counsellors and also for their personal and spiritual development. In this year more emphasis is put on acquiring the tools of the biographical counsellor, and practicing them.

Course Content Year 2:

1. The Fourth ‘Seven Year Cycle’: (21-28)
a)The ‘sentient soul’.
b) Age 28 – a threshold age.

2. The Fifth ‘Seven Year Cycle’: (28-35)
a) The’ intellectual soul’.
b) Age 33 – the ‘inversion age’.

3. The sixth ‘Seven Year Cycle’: (35-42)
a) The ‘consciousness-soul’ and the way it reflects our time.
b) Age 37.2 – the second Sun and Moon encounter.
c) Age 42 – the birth of the spiritual “I”.

4. Seven Steps in the Process of Biographical Counselling of Hotam School.

5. The Law of Reflections.

6. The Tool Box of the Biographical Counsellor, in accordance with the planets.
a) Moon
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Saturn
e) Mercury
f) Jupiter

7. The Man and the Earth as Conflict Entities – introduction

8. Karma – Morals and all that is between them

9. Death and Life After Death

10. The Hierarchies

11. Getting familiar with the main psychological theories, through students’ presentations of their research

12. Advanced Tools in Biographical counseling, achieved through:
a) Continued studies of the laws of Biographical development according to the ‘seven year cycles’, defining ages, and Reflection.
b) Active group study in depth observation of the participants’ life events.
c) Modelling counselling sessions.
d) Counselling practice in various methods, in groups of three (counsellor, counselee, observer)
e) Reading and reflecting on students’ biographies (students who have volunteered to share their biographies) in small groups and with the guidance of tutors.
f) The students meet themselves in a deeper way, according to their age and stage of spiritual development.
g) Each student is required to undergo at least one full year of personal biographical counselling.

Certified biographical counsellors teach the Biographical Counselling Training Program.
In addition, courses by professional Anthroposophical teachers and lecturers include:
a) “The Occult Science – an Outline-Evolution of Humanity”
b) A course in Anthroposophical water painting: The seven life processes

סירות קטנות - ליזבט

                                                            drawing: Lizabeth Afek