Third Year

Third year – Biographical counseling as a profession and vocation

In the third year, the students continue acquiring additional necessary knowledge and tools. During this year, an emphasis is placed on the gradual transformation from students into biographical counsellors. Therefore a considerable portion of the classes is dedicated to the practice, application and internalization of the learned material. Also, during this year, students begin working with counselees within the framework of the practical training. They also are required to teach a biography workshop which they prepare, write up and teach with guidance from tutors.

Course Content Year 3:

1. The seventh ‘seven year cycle’
a) The Spirit Self.
b) Age 49 – from slavery to freedom.
c) Meeting the Guardian of the Threshold.

2. The eighth ‘seven year cycle’
a) The Life-Spirit
b) Inspiration
c) Age 54 in the reflection of ages 9 and 33
d) Age 55.9 – third Moon cycle, second cycle of Saturn.

3. The ninth ‘seven year cycle’.
a) The Spirit-Man.
b) Intuition
c) The Creative Surrender

4. Continued studies of the Earth as the Entity of Conflict.

5. “Karma and repeated lives” – a workshop by TzviBriger.

6. Study of the book “Evolution in the Aspect of Realities”, R. Steiner, GA 132

7. Advanced tools in biographical counselling and personal development:
Throughout the year and within the different subject matters studied, students continue to acquire more tools and undergo a deep and significant process of personal development and self-knowledge. In this year, special emphasis is placed on the transformation of students into biographical counsellors.
This process is achieved through:

a) Continued studies of Biographical laws according to the ‘seven year cycles’, ‘defining ages’ and Reflections.
b) Active groupstudy and reflectingon the participants’ life events
c) Modelling counselling sessions
d) Counselling practice in various methods in groups of three (counsellor, counselee, observer)
e) Reading and reflecting on students’ biographies.
f) Continued deeper personal encounter with Evil and lies of each of the participants.
g) Experience in counselling others and conducting a biography workshop within the framework of the training and with personal and group supervision

In addition to a course in biographical counselling taught by authorized biographical counsellors, the curriculum includes a course in:
The “Philosophy of Freedom” taught by a teacher of Anthroposophy.


      drawing: Lizabeth Afek