By Yael Armony

I set a date with Evil

Discreet it is indeed.

The meeting place – the world’s end


I must be precise to succeed.

A minute before sunset

It’s a special time zone

You cannot be accompanied

You must come alone.


Evil didn’t immediately agree

He doesn’t meet just anyone,

So it appears …

He has his terms and conditions

He first checks, until it’s clear.


And that’s what Evil told me:

“Pay attention now:

Many have reached my doorstep

And turned away in pain

Many have stood on my doorstep

But- to face the despair, the ugliness, the screaming of the heart

They couldn’t stand!


Yet, you still want to come?

You’re not giving up?

If so – listen carefully

 I’ll meet another – should you not:

Leave at home your manners and adornments

Leave at home your misery tears

There is no place for pity

They won’t be helpful here.

The only thing that’s needed is your courage

You must be willing to arrive nearby

And be warned – the sight is horrible,

You won’t be able to forget it, it will make you cry

 As you’ll look in the mirror

There’ll be no turning back, even if you try.


And if you come to my home

You must dress-up

Not with luxury nor worn clothing,

But sacred clothing only

For the reunion with me is holy.

Only once you cross my threshold

Would you be able to hold on to the Good

This is the secret of my power

Understanding this you should.

The Good cannot exist without recognizing the Bad

I’m his emissary and he is my helper, and here’s the choice you have:

Only the one who will bear to meet me from inside

Will have the strength to choose the light of Good,

When the special day arrives.”


Tomorrow, at sunset,

With reverence I’ll come

I’ll face the Evil in my soul

To the Good

With all my might I’ll call!