Biographical Counseling in The Clinic

Biographical-anthroposophical counseling is a field of psycho-spiritual therapy, that addresses a person’s deep longing to find meaning in his life and invites and accompanies the client on a path of spiritual development. The counselor’s role is to reflect and point out the connections between events and themes in the client’s life and to illuminate them in the light of consciousness, in order to understand the high spiritual meaning and wisdom that underlies them.

The biographical process takes place in the encounter between the counselor and the client. The session can take place in person or via zoom / telephone, depending on the client’s wish and need, and the counselor’s ability to respond to them.

As part of the therapeutic process , the counselor will often ask the clients to briefly write the story of their life,, and later their memories of the seven-year-cycles ( ages 0-7, 7-14, etc.). However, this is not a condition for the  process.

The therapeutic session is conducted through conversation, using the knowledge and tools of biographical counseling, such as: working with the knowledge of the seven-year-cycles and pivotal  ages (5,9,33, etc), knowledge of karma, dreams, imaginations, art exercises and more. In addition, the counselor may sometimes give the client homework exercises (depending on the client’s wishes).

In order to allow the process to deepen, it is recommended to start with 15 sessions on a weekly basis. The process may then be continued according to the client’s wishes. Because the potential for spiritual development is infinite, there are many clients who continue the personal care process for many years.

Within the process of biographical counseling, the counselor goes on a journey with the clients through special times in their life and finds out with them what happened to them at those times, what changed following key events, what crises they had, and what is the characteristic – ‘secret thread’ – that runs through their life.

The counselor helps the client understand the meaning of the crises, suffering and blows that life has summoned for him. She helps them view  their life from a new perspective, that is often much less judgmental. Many events that may have seemed accidental or arbitrary before,  suddenly take on meaning and reason. The clients understand the choices they have made throughout their life, as well as their relationships with significant people in their life,  in a new manner. , aThe understandings reached during the process are not always simple and often introduce the client to parts within them that are not easy to face  and accept. Yet they often enable them to view and regard the events and people in their life with more acceptance and understanding. Often, those whom  we perceived as the enemy were actually a messenger, and what we  regarded  as a disaster and crisis, eventually served as a stepping stone for personal development. Within the biographical process, even  a simple, everyday event ( ‘biographical event’) may serve as material  for biographical investigation and learning about the person and his  fate.

The biographical-anthroposophical counselor always sees before her eyes the higher  good of the client, and is committed to using her tools and  acquired knowledge  in accordance with the age of the client and the client’s stage along the spiritual path. The counselor is also committed to maintaining complete confidentiality.

The length of the therapeutic session is one hour. The price is determined by the counselor, depending on the experience gained. The school allows those who are interested, to receive personal care from students, as part of their internship process. These meetings are provided at a lower cost.

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