Karmic Imperative

‘Hotam’ International School

 Practicing Karma

 From knowledge to work method

 Further training in working with karma

 Module 1

What do you think when you hear the word  Karma? What are the relationships between Karma and Freedom? What is the gate into our Karma?

Understanding Karma facilitates a new approach towards understanding life events, crises, illnesses and physical-emotional symptoms, related directly and indirectly to our rectification and spiritual development and calling.

The vast knowledge presented by Steiner was investigated and developed into a practical biography-work method at ‘Hotam’ School as part of the training of Biographical Counselling & the Spiritual Science of Anthroposophy in Israel.

This workshop is designated for Biographical Counsellors and Anthroposophical therapists in the different fields that feel the need to deepen their understanding of their personal karma-and the karma of their clients, and also want to obtain practical tools to work with and investigate Karma.

 The Contents of the Workshop:

  • The three Higher Hierarchies and their role in our Karma.
  • ‘Don’t kill the messenger’ – the tool of Cognitive Misinterpretation.
  • ‘Boomerang’ – Compensation & Recapitulation as means through which Karma  occurs.
  • The ‘Karmic Inevitability’ and its essential fulfillment – why are there recurring themes in our life? How do we keep repeating them? What is their karmic role?
  • The Wound & Evil – how are they tied together?
  • From Karma to freedom – the sacrifice and the ‘creative relinquishment’- on the way to freedom.