Karma & Morality

‘Hotam’ International School

 Practicing Karma

 From knowledge to work method

 Further training in working with karma

 Module 4

Karma & Morality

Topics covered in the module:

  • The conflict between Karma and Moral
  • Egoism as a double-edged sword
  • Incarnation & excarnation – karma and moral according to various life phases
  • The separation of the soul forces, Thinking-Feeling-Willing, in the second part of life – from karma to moral
  • The Functional Body – how do humans create bodies that serve the karmic missions but abuse individual freedom? How does the dismantling of these bodies serve our continued development and what is the price we must agree to pay?
  • The encounter with evil and how to turn it into the greater good – the personal encounter with the ‘Lesser Guardian of the Threshold’.