Practicing Karma in English

 Further training in working with Karma

In English via zoom 2021-2022

We are pleased to invite you to a full year of ‘Biography-Anthroposophy Work with Karma’, based on the unique knowledge of Karma brought to the world by Rudolf Steiner.

The vast knowledge presented by Steiner was investigated and developed into a practical biography-work method at ‘Hotam School’, as part of the training of Biographical Counselling & the Spiritual Science of Anthroposophy in Israel. Inspired by the research of the spiritual teacher, Mr. Tzvi Briger

This curriculum year is designated for graduates and students of Biography Counseling that have completed at least 2 full years of studies in any relevant school worldwide, as well as for Anthroposophical therapists in the different fields, that feel the need to deepen their understanding of their personal karma, and the karma of their clients, and also want to obtain practical tools to work with and investigate Karma, privately or with groups.

The school year includes:

  • 5 Modules (4 sessions of 4 hours each, on weekends).
  • On-line course – ‘Essential Fulfillment of the Karmic Imperative’ with personal guidance by interns from ‘Hotam’ School

The studies will combine theoretical knowledge, experiential exercises (individual, pairs & group), and art assignments, and will be accompanied by workbooks.

Graduates of the full year program, will receive a certificate for: Further Training in Karma Work recognized by ‘Hotam’ School in Israel (‘Hotam’ School is recognized by the International Trainers Forum for Biographical Counseling – ITF).

Participants interested in a partial program, will be required to take at least the first module entitled: ‘Essential Fulfillment of the Karmic Imperative’, which is a fundamental basis for comprehending Karma.


English without translation

Days & Hours:

All the modules will be of 4 sessions Via Zoom,

Saturdays + Sundays: 3-7 pm European time, 9 am-1 pm USA-Eastern time


Full program: 1750$ – including 5 modules + on-line course

To pay for the full year press year

One workshop: $300 / For participants of the Community Studies $270

on-line course with individual guidance $450

Module 1

 ‘Essential Fulfillment of the Karmic Imperative: from Karma to Freedom’

 July 24+25, 31+August 1, 2021

This module provides the basis and is obligatory for further studies.

Topics covered in the module:

  • Karma – what does it actually mean?
  • The Higher Hierarchies and their affect on human karma
  • Sympathy & antipathy – turning feelings into a sense for understanding karma
  • Angles & other agents– our encounter with the other, and our mistaken interpretation of our life’s events
  • Recapitulation – concise summary – who were we in our previous lives and how is it manifested in our present life cycle
  • Compensation – the unavoidable price of pain in our present life and its connection to our deeds in previous life cycles – how could that lead us to mending?
  • The ‘Karmic Imperative’ and its essential fulfillment – why are there recurring themes in our life? How do we keep repeating them? What is their karmic role?
  • Wound & evil – how are they tied together?
  • From Karma to freedom – the sacrifice and the ‘creative relinquishment’– on the way to freedom
  • Redeeming the karmic Imperative in the personal biography of each participant – work and analysis on a written biography

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Module 2

Karma & Morality 

September 18+19, 2021, October 2+3, 2021

[Pre-requisite- Module 1]

Topics covered in the module:

  • The conflict between Karma and moral
  • Egoism as a double-edged sword
  • Those who were left behind
  • The transition from taking to giving – the transition from an earthly being into a spiritual being
  • Incarnation & excarnation – karma and moral according to various life phases
  • The functional body – how do humans create bodies that serve the karmic missions but abuse individual freedom? How does the dismantling of these bodies serve our continued development, and what is the price we must agree to pay?
  • The encounter with evil and how to turn it into the greater good – the personal encounter with the ‘lesser guardian of the threshold’

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Module 3

The Karma of Conflict 

November 13+14, 27+28, 2021

[Pre-requisite- Module 1]

Topics covered in the module:

  • The conflict between spirit and matter as the essence of human experience
  • The physical, mental, and spiritual manifestations of the conflict
  • Lucifer & Ahriman and their connection to the conflict – finding the inner center
  • Man and earth as the defined entities of the conflict
  • The salvation of the cosmic conflict by man.

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Module 4

The Karma of the Higher Hierarchies as Reflected on the Biography of the Human Being 

January 8+9, 22+23 2022

[Pre-requisite- Module 1]

Topics covered in the module:

  • Who are the Higher Hierarchies?
  • The evolution of the Higher Hierarchies – how is it connected to our karma?
  • Ancient Saturn:
  • Ancient Saturn and necessary suffering
  • The creation of fear and courage traits in the universe
  • The sacrifice and the birth of time – sacrifice is a pre-requisite for creation
  • How does the ancient Saturn being live within us till this day and age?
  • Ancient Sun:
  • The traits of devotion, inspiration and giving, and their link to cosmic equilibrium
  • Ancient Sun and the ‘Law of Reflections’ – the manner in which biographical events are reflected at different phases of life
  • Elevating & Lowering – no fire without smoke
  • Ancient Moon:
  • The ‘creative relinquishment’ – turning will into creative relinquishment
  • The entities that were left behind – evil and liberty, and their role in development
  • Yearning as a state of mind
  • Earth:
  • Turning into earth’s citizens- what does it mean?
  • Earth and the encounter with death
  • The ‘Golgotha Mystery’ – ‘die and become’ –the biographical turning point at age 33

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Module 5

Drill-down and Conclusion

March 19+20, 26+27, 2022

This module is designated for people who attended the full program.

This module provides in depth review and integration of all the subjects presented in the previous modules.

This module will enable the participants to broadly review and thoroughly inspect man’s biography and karma.

A main part of this module will be used to gain more tools for the work with clients and groups and to actively practice them with each other in real time.

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On-line course – Essential Fulfillment of the Karmic Imperative

The course is composed of  six online lessons that include:
– Theoretical knowledge, relevant Steiner’s quotations and video clips, as well as referral to articles that are relevant for each lesson.
– Information regarding work method – the student will receive homework assignments that link the theoretical knowledge to his/her personal biography.
– Individual tutoring that includes checking and personal reviewing of all assignments, as well as a 1-hour one-on-one discussion, once every two lessons (total of 4).
– At any stage the student may view the course as a whole and position him/herself according to the complete course map.

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 Orna Bendor – An experienced Biographical Counselor, the founder and leader of ‘Hotam School’. Investigating, developing and teaching the subject of Karma and Biography for many years, both in Israel and around the world.

 Yael Armony – An experienced Biographical Counselor and Art Therapist, a teacher and co-manager at Hotam school.

Avivit Rosinger – An experienced Biographical Counselor, a teacher at Hotam school.

Lital Kolmar – An experienced Biographical Counselor, a teacher at Hotam school.

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