The Karma of the Hierarchies

‘Hotam’ International School

 Practicing Karma

 From knowledge to work method

 Further training in working with karma

 Module 3

The Karma of the Hierarchies as Reflected on the Biography of Man

Topics covered in the module:

  • Who are the Higher Hierarchies?
  • The evolution of the Higher Hierarchies – how is it connected to our karma?

Ancient Saturn:

  • Ancient Saturn and necessary suffering
  • The creation of fear and courage traits in the universe
  • The sacrifice and the birth of time – sacrifice is a pre-requisite for creation
  • How does the ancient Saturn being live within us till this day and age?

Ancient Sun:

  • The traits of devotion, inspiration and giving, and their link to cosmic equilibrium
  • Ancient Sun and the ‘Law of Reflections’ – the manner in which biographical events are reflected at different phases of life
  • Elevating & Lowering – no fire without smoke

Ancient Moon:

  • The ‘creative relinquishment’ – turning will into creative relinquishment
  • The entities that were left behind – Evil and Liberty, and their role in development
  • Yearning as a state of mind


  • Turning into earth’s citizens- what does it mean?
  • Earth and the encounter with death
  • The ‘Golgotha Mystery’ – ‘Die and become’ –the biographical turning point at age 33