The Karma of the Conflict

‘Hotam’ International School

 Practicing Karma

 From knowledge to work method

 Further training in working with karma

 Module 2

Our biography is full of conflicts; in our relationships, with our neighbors, between nations, and even within ourselves.

What is the essence of the conflict and how does it serve our development? What is its karmic role?

The workshop will address the following questions and topics:

  • What is the cosmic conflict? How are human beings supposed to address it?
  • How has history treated it? How is it expressed in Man and on Earth, in physical and spiritual terms?
  • Can we liberate ourselves from the conflict? Can Lucifer and Ahriman be liberated? Can the conflict itself be liberated?
  • Elevating & lowering as a cosmic law – why do we have to ‘pay’ for spiritual development?
  • The transition from taking to giving – the transition from an earthly being into a spiritual being

We will try to answer these questions while emphasizing the importance of the conflict as an independent entity that occurs on the field of the Earth as well as in Man.

These subjects will be dealt through the personal biographies of the participants. In the workshop we will learn how to understand our conflicts, deal with them, and redeem them from an Anthroposophical-Biographical point of view.