Avivit Rosinger

Born in 1972, mother of three children educated in the Waldorf schooling system, through whom I was exposed to anthroposophy as a philosophy that integrates all that in my life, until then, did not suit; science and the spiritual. I hold a degree in art, film and philosophy from the Tel-Aviv University, my masters I never did complete… but the University of life had provided an apt response. In the past 11 years, I have been trained in and have instructed sit (systematic-inventive thinking) workshops in business organizations in the country and worldwide. I am a graduate of the ‘Hotam’ school of Biographical Counselling. For me, Biographical Counselling is a journey of development through encounters with people; guides, pupils, colleagues, consultees… that have brought, and still do, opportunities for me to know myself (“I”). I am grateful for the privilege to be a part of peoples journeys. With the help of my dear teacher I am re-discovering my natural curiosity to enquire and uncover, to make connections and bring up ideas in the expression of the connection between Anthroposophy and biography. Contact Details: 054-6655361, avivit@sitsite.com

Lital Kolmar Menachem

I was  born in 1970, and am a mother of two children. I have spent many years in the design profession before reaching biography work and anthroposophy.. Although I loved that profession, I always felt that there must be something deeper  that  was related to my destiny, that  I will  encounter later on in life. Indeed, when I was introduced to biography work through Orna Ben Dor   I was instantly struck by a warm  sense of “coming back home”. After searching for many years,  I have finally found the path I had longed for, one that gives meaning and significance to the whole course of my life. Biography work is a fascinating methodology  for understanding the world and human beings in a much broader and holistic perspective. Contact details: 052-3352728, lital@feelcreative.co.il

Michal Huller

I Hold a B.Sc. in mathematics and computer science and M.B.A. in Finance. I am a Mother of two grown upsand make my  living from software development. Following my studies I discovered more about who I am and what my spiritual vocation is. That revelation enables me to bring myself more and more  into the world. I believe that such inner knowledge can direct you to your self-discovery. Contact details: 054-4938290, spirit.self@yahoo.com

Omri Kfir

 I was born in 1978. At the age of 37 I met Orna, my teacher, and began to make my way with biographical counseling. It was a moment when my life was turned upside down and has taken on a new meaning. Since then I have been making my way in the path of “Hotam”. Biographical counselling  is a vocation for me. In this way I find comfort and strength to face the most difficult and biggest questions of life. I have a Master’s degree in education. I have worked and still am working as a Waldorf teacher. Contact details: 054-4349694, omrik11@gmail.com

Osnat Topper

Thanks to my daughters, I first encountered anthroposophical (Waldorf) education in 2004 and biography work in 2009,at the age of 42. ince then biography work and anthroposophical knowledge is woven into my life. While conducting a biographical investigation under the wonderful guidance of my teacher Orna Ben Dor,I realized that the course of my life till then  was actually an  initiation journey to find my spiritual destiny, as a student of anthroposophical spiritual science. Today, I get up every morning with gratitude and out of an inner desire to continue on the path, to care for and meet people and messengers, patients and teachers, thanks to whom I can explore, inquire, learn and develop, and above all –  give back. In the past, I was the owner of an advertising company, I managed budgets for the largest companies on the market I am a graduate of Tel Aviv University. Contact details: 052-5552405, ossi.topper@gmail.com


Rina Osmo-Kfir

Biographical counselor in residency. I came to biographical counselling with the question of my destiny in life- what do I want to do? Where am I heading? During the process I realized that biography work  provides me with practical  everyday tools that allow me to explore  my inner self, and to know myself more in depth. As a biography counselor I feel how these tools also allow my patients to access their inner selves and find meaning for the events of their lives. Contact details: rinaosmo@gmail.com, 054-5902835

Yael Armony

Born 1975, married and mother of three, a Biographical Counsellor and Art Therapist. Mid-life I had encountered Biography Counselling and Orna Ben Dor, my life’s teacher. The encounter with this inspiring knowledge steered me towards an initiation journey – challenging and life changing, which had led me to a new and meaningful path. Biography Counselling and my work at ‘Hotam’ School provide an answer to a deep longing that had dwelled in me for years, without my knowing what to name it and for this I am grateful! Today I have the great privilege to accompany others, as a teacher, along this unique path and to take part in the direction and development of the school. In my work I connect between the deep spiritual knowledge of Biography Counselling and Anthroposophy and the vast psychological and therapeutic knowledge I had accumulated in my years as an art therapist. My ‘second loves’, art and writing poetry, integrate with my methods of teaching in various creative ways. Contact details: 052-5347926, vili.armony@gmail.com