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Turning Anthroposophy into Biography

In the biographical work we turn Anthroposophy into biographical investigative work. Here you will find questions, exercises and meditations that will allow you to explore your life events and create a new perspective about your life story. Read More

Here you can read insights and reflections of students and graduates of the diverse study programs we offer around the world on the topics of biography and karma. Read More

Sharing, Reflections and Insights


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Students Reflections

  • As I live in Brazil, the pandemia gave me the opportunity of attending Hotam Karma Workshops online. It was a blessing and I thank ‘Hotam School’ for giving us this opportunity. There are some words that I can use to express my experience with the workshops: amplify, enlarge, deepen, connections, discoveries, insights. With the warm guidance of Orna, Yael and Lital, I could understand my biography from a complementar perspective and even be grateful for hard experiences I passed in my life. The workshops brought me new knowledge about different aspects of karma and broaden the understanding of my own karma and its connection to macrocosmic views.

  • Throughout the studies of Karma, I was able to enter in the depths of myself, to navigate through my biography and recognize what I had to live as an imperative in this life. Along with that, I was capable of give a name to the hard feeling that permeated my story, the same one repeatedly came to meet me for many years

    Through several questions that allowed an internal dialogue with myself, I was able to understand how that hard feeling was connected to me and discover the spiritual message behind it.

    I was able to perceive what things I did to avoid that hard feeling and understand how my “clothes” or “envelope” protected me, so I don´t get in touch with that main feeling. (Daniela, Spain)