‘Hotam’ School

“Only they can be Anthroposophists, those who feel certain questions on the nature of man and the universe as an elemental need of life, just as one feels hunger and thirst”.

R. Steiner Leading Thoughts no. 1

Hotam School was established in order to provide an answer to the spiritual needs that exist in the hearts of us all. Especially in our age, in which modern men live at a demanding and insane pace, the ancient wish awakens for a rounded answer to the questions deliberated on the individual road to self-fulfillment:

Who am I? What is my purpose in life? What is the reason and meaning of the difficulties and crises I experience, and how can I harness them for the purpose of growth and development? What is the meaning of my relations with others? Of my childhood experience? How can I break loose from all that burdens me, and walk toward a more fulfilling and whole life?

Hotam School offers a way back to our true nature, a road home to fulfillment and joy. The teaching staff is composed of people that are devout truth seekers that devote their lives to developmental self-work and to assisting others.

The therapeutic work is conscious, spiritual, educational and informational. It is not performed by external observation of a patient in a way that bypasses consciousness (unlike medium’s work, hypnosis, etc). The work is directed toward his mental and consciousness forces, in order to provide him with tools for self-work that empower his abilities and personality, and allow him to find his direction and mission in life.

To create a bridge between spiritual anthroposophical knowledge and the personal biography of each student and client, in a manner that will be enriched by tools that enable spiritual and deep consciousness development.

The spiritual foundation that leads us in Hotam School has three vertices:

  • Working with the Karma laws
  • Working with evil, its origins, its purpose, and its transformation to a larger good through human freedom
  • Working with the similarity between macrocosms and microcosmos – between the universe and the individual person on his private biography

Guiding principals

  • The School considers itself as a spiritual community.
  • The School as a model for a continuously developing entity.
  • The School staff aim to cultivate active, free thinking, supported by the practice of: Goethean observation, self-reflection regarding the validity of hypotheses, open minded enquiry, creativity and expansion of viewpoints.
  • The School staff strive to: work from the consciousness soul; discover the truth; empower School graduates as active Biographical Counsellors and engage graduates in key roles in the School staff (content development, teaching, tutoring, lecturing etc.).
  • Reverence for life, for the events, encounters and inner world of thoughts, emotions and impulses in individual biographies, serve as the raw material of the biographical work.
  • Self reflexivity and non judgment are encouraged and cultivated as essential in all counselling encounters.

For whom?

  • Anyone who ponders on the meaning of life.
  • Anyone who is open to knowledge that was considered esoteric until now.
  • All those who have an yearning for the soul & spiritual world.
  • Therapists interested in learning new skills and capacities for their work.
  • Parents who want to gain in-depth understanding of their children’s developmental stages and thereby understand themselves and their children better.
  • People in mid-life who have stopped asking “why”, and started questioning “what for”?

The individual developmental work of every student and teacher of the School produces the fruits of our common development and contribution.