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Selina Mantur Beit Oren

Awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2012, Beit Oren is home to Kfar Mantur by Selina, a pastoral ecosystem in the heart of the Carmel mountain range. Just a 20-minute drive from Haifa City, The Ecological Fairy Forest, and Atlit Beach you’ll find endless ways to fall in love with the region’s rich culture and natural beauty.

Features include an on-site wellness retreat and workshop center, a locally-inspired coffee shop and bar, a swimming pool, bonfire pit, activity center complete with local tours of the region, and of course, picturesque views.

The perfect destination to unwind and disconnect, Kfar Mantur by Selina is a sanctuary from the non-stop pace of day-to-day living. Wake up and stretch out with a yoga session at our wellness center, explore mountain ranges, wildflowers, and crystal clear waters with our local guides or kick back and relax by the pool.

As the sun sets, enjoy a locally-sourced dinner at our restaurant, check out a live music performance or grab a beer from the bar and head to the bonfire pit where you’ll can gather.

Please note: the swimming pool is only open June-August. For specific opening times and other questions regarding on-site facilities, feel free to reach out to our team.

Getting here

KIBUTZ BEIT-OREN, zip code- 3004400, Israel

(+972) 483 074 44

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From the airport

The closest airport is Ben Gurion Airport (BG-TLV). Here, you can catch inbound and outbound flights from major airlines such as United Airlines, Wizz Airlines, ELAL, Air-Canada, and Easyjet.

Taxi services are available upon exiting the terminal at BG-TLV and the journey to Selina should take around 2 hours.

By Train + bus

From the airport, it’s easy to catch a train to Kfar Mantur by Selina. From the airport, catch a train to Atlit or to Hof Carmel and then take a taxi to Selina which should cost no more than 30 USD. Alternatively, you can catch Superbus #27 to Haifa University.

If you’re traveling to Selina from elsewhere in the country, catch a train to Haifa and then a bus to Beit Oren. In addition, a 2-hour journey consisting of three different buses will take you from Selina to Atlit beach.