Karma Conference – Short Workshops


Workshop 1: The Wise Person in Me

Language: English

The ‘wise person’ resides in the subconscious of each person, and directs him according to his Karma. The ‘wise person’ operates in the dimension of time, and his ambition is to always do the same thing better.

“In every person there dwells, underground, as it were, the ‘other’ person. In this other person there lives also the ‘better’ person, who always makes up his mind, when he has done a thing, to do it better next time, so that always, as an undertone to every deed, there is the intention, the unconscious, subconscious intention to do it better when a similar occasion arises.”

Steiner, Study of Man, Lecture 4

In this workshop we will explore the ways that the wise person leads us to the fulfillment of our Karma and our spiritual mission.

Teacher: Avivit Rosinger

Workshop 2: Karmic Investigations – 3 Incarnations

Language: English

In this workshop we will follow the research of Rudolf Steiner, and we will pay attention to the karma of a famous figure in history.

We will trace the logic woven into the repeated incarnations of the same personality. Also, we will see how seemingly marginal details in his biography shed light on understanding the workings of karma and the recurring life as a whole.

The purpose of this investigation is to develop the ability and sense to understand our karma and that of the clients, with whom we share the knowledge of biography, karma and the returning life – based on Steiner’s own investigations.

Teacher: Orna Ben Dor

Workshop 3: What are Karmic Agreements?

Language: English

During the journey after death, we make karmic agreements with other souls who will incarnate with us in the next incarnation on earth. The people who serve as our karmic messengers in this life are often seen as ‘bad’. These people took on this mission out of sacrifice and spiritual love.

In this workshop we will explore our karmic agreements:

  • Who are the people with whom we have karmic agreements? What is their role in our development?
  • Discovering the content of our karmic agreements
  • Past Karma and future Karma in Karmic relationships.

Teacher: Lital Kolmar

Workshop 4: The Karma of Feelings

Language: English

In lecture 4 of the series of lectures ״Karmic relationships vol. 1, R. Steiner describes the incarnations of the feelings of Love, Duty, and Hatred over three incarnations. He indicates how feelings, or qualities from which a person acted in a given incarnation, will lead as a ‘natural’ karmic result to other feelings or qualities in the next incarnation. Breaking this circle of karma is possible only by developmental-spiritual work, that may transform them into higher qualities / feelings.

In this workshop we will discover the connection between our feelings and our character traits in the various incarnations and use them as tools for transformative biography work.

Teacher: Yael Armony

Workshop 5: The Inversion Law of Karma – When a Cause Becomes a Result

Language: English

In this workshop, we will learn a cosmic law that is contrary to the earthly perception of cause and result that provides a new perspective on our biography. Through this law we will explore biographical events in our lives.

The suffering experienced in childhood gains meaning only in later years. It may be said that suffering in childhood and youth is not only a result of the past – but also a cause, leading to a future result. This result is always related to spiritual development, and to the future ability of a person ‘with a spiritual calling’ to contribute to the world from a higher inner place.

Teacher: Vered Zvili