Karma Conference – Tracks

Track 1: The Authentic ‘I’ and its relation to my Karma

Language: English

In this track, we will deal with the ‘Authentic I’ and its manifestations as revealed in our biography.

The ‘I’ has two manifestations:

  • The earthly ‘I’ – which appears during a certain incarnation and changes in each recurring course of life, we can also call it: personality. 
  • The eternal ‘Othentic I’ – which lasts throughout all incarnations, we can also call it: selfhood. 

Topics covered:

  • Who is the ‘I’ and to what world does it belong?
  • The ‘Othentic I’ and the law of gravity
  • The ‘Othentic I’ and Karma
  • The ‘Othentic I’ and the counter forces
  • The ‘Othentic I’ and the guardian angel
  • The ‘Othentic I’ and true freedom 
  • Becoming human

The track will provide the participants tools for discovering their authentic ‘I’ – their true ‘I’, and understanding its manifestations related to their karma and biography.

Teacher: Yael Armony, Assistant: Rina Kfir

Track 2 – Reality & Illusion (Maya) in our Life – How does my Karma Fit in?

Language: English

In this track we will deal with the question of reality and illusion (Maya) in the world and in individual biography. According to Anthroposophy, the world we perceive through our senses, commonly referred to as reality, is actually an illusion. The spiritual world is the actual reality from which the world of matter stems with all its events and phenomena.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a wakeup call for humanity. Calling each of us to strengthen their ‘I’ by facing this threshold and strengthening the connection to the spiritual world that is behind the screen of the maya.

In this track we will understand the special role of the earthly world (the world of ‘Maya’) in the evolution of humanity, and we will discover how the world of ‘Maya’ served our Karma. The track will provide tools for developing the sense for the truth.

Teacher: Orna Ben Dor, Assistant: Lital Kolmar

Track 3: Recognizing the Karmic Imperative in My Biography

Language: English

[Pre-requisite- Module 1 Practicing Karma]

This Track is designated for people who attended Module 1 (or more) of the further training ‘Practicing Karma’. 

How can we find out what our recapitulation and compensation are? What social class did we come from in a previous incarnation? In what way can the Karmic Imperative and its fulfillment be identified from a written biography.

This track will provide tools for the participants to find their karmic Imperative and that of their clients in a written life story.

Teacher: Vered Zvili, Assistant: Avivit Rosinger