Karma Conference – Program

June 18th – 20th, 2023, Via Zoom

We created powerful and rich content investigating and meeting karma, with a constant movement between the macro-cosmos and the microcosmos points of view.

The Conference will present a new perspective and new biography working methods to the subject of Karma. Your previous knowledge on the subject of Karma may be used as a basis for the work in the conference but it is not a prerequisite.

The conference will be directed by our school’s experienced team of teachers led by Orna Ben Dor

The conference format will be based on 3 main tracks and 5 short workshops. Each participant can choose one track to go through the whole conference with the same group and 2 optional workshops out of 5 (each 3 hours) .

Language: The conference will be held in English.


Tracks & Workshops

To find your track and workshops by Name, Date, and Hours + Zoom link to each one of them – please press here

To download the booklet of the conference press here.

General Agenda

The hours written in the program are in the Jerusalem – Israel time zone.