Drawing Teacher

תמונת נושא

Daniel Zehavi, Born 1960, father of two daughters. Artist and spiritual science researcher.
I have been working with the art of color in the anthroposophical approach for over 30 years. I founded the art group for the study of spiritual science, which continues to develop the study of color, its connection and influence on the multi-colored soul of man. The line guiding me is to bridge between a scientific view of the world and a spiritual and artistic outlook, as has been my experience since childhood.

Through the years I have taught thousands of pupils and had developed my unique approach in the field of color and that of emotional education, based on anthroposophic studies. I had published 7 books and numerous articles on the subject. I am the founder of “Cherut” publications (over 120 titles from all ranges of anthroposophy) and also founded the free archives for the (Hebrew translations of) Rudolph Steiner’s publications (over 500 lectures and books free for reading).

I live and teach the threefold way of life; teaching anthroposophical knowledge, artistic experiences and the inner way. teaching at ‘Hotam’, I integrate the artistic experience so that it will support the deep process of learning biography studies; via painting from within the color in 7 stages, and interpreting the contents that arise, the students receive qualities that enhance their studies and which light up, in a more soulful light, revelations that come up in the biography workshops. Through the work on the 7 life stages and the metamorphosis of the plant, the students implement their understanding of the 7 year cycle and the biographical process.