School director

תמונת נושא

My name is Orna Ben Dor, Born 1961, married and mother of two children.

I am a Biographical Counsellor, teach adult schooling, mind-spirit therapy practitioner for individuals and groups, founder and director of  ‘Hotam’ school for Biographical Counselling.

Since 1993 I am a pupil of my teacher and spiritual guide, the Anthroposophical spiritual science researcher and Biographical Counsellor Mr. Zvi Briger; I convey advanced biography workshops and write books on subjects of emotional-spiritual development, and the research of the meaning and essence of life.

Mr. Zvi Briger is a deep annotator of the knowledge of the human being as given by Dr. R. Steiner, and the fruit of his research is implementable to biography work and personal development.

Also, I am a graduate of the academy of music in Jerusalem, and hold a degree in Philosophy.

Biographical Counselling for me is much more than a profession, through it I fulfill my spiritual vocation and assist others in finding their own way as well as answers regarding relationships, changes in occupation, career and more.