תמונת נושא

Born in 1965, a mother of two and a graduate of the Hotam School for Biographical Counseling. I Hold two  academic degrees in education, and supervises and instructs educational teams in kindergartens. I have reached Biographical Counseling after many years of studies, specializing  and working in young children’s education, and after taking multiple courses and workshops that dealt with the investigation of the human soul. Today I realize that all those long years of  various studies were actually a search for ‘something’ I could not describe in words. Some sort of inner force that pushed me forward to turn every possible stone until I reached the Hotam School.  There I found what I have long searched for – a yearning for truth and meaning in my life. It felt like coming home at last – the long years of cross-wise search have ended, and now I could start an in–depth  soul exploration as to who I am.