תמונת נושא

My name is Yael Armony, born 1975, married and mother of three, a Biographical Counsellor and art therapist.

Mid-life I had encountered Biography Counselling and Orna Ben Dor, my life’s teacher. The encounter with this inspiring knowledge steered me towards an initiation journey – challenging and life changing, which had led me to a new and meaningful path.

Biography Counselling and my work at ‘Hotam’ School provide an answer to a deep longing that had dwelled in me for years, without my knowing what to name it and for this I am grateful!

Today I have the great privilege to accompany others, as a teacher, along this unique path and to take part in the direction and development of the school. In my work I connect between the deep spiritual knowledge of Biography Counselling and Anthroposophy and the vast psychological and therapeutic knowledge I had accumulated in my years as an art therapist. My ‘second loves’, art and writing poetry, integrate with my methods of teaching in various creative ways.