The Secret of the Formative Ages From a Karmic Perspective


Biography & Karma On-line Studies in the Community

September 2024 June 2025

Followed by the book ‘The Secret of the People Ages – Biographical Investigations in the Light of Anthroposophical Spiritual Science’, written by Orna Ben Dor.

According to Anthroposophical Spiritual Science, at each stage of his life a person develops different capabilities and physical, mental and spiritual qualities accordingly. In Biographical Counselling we learn to read our life-map according to different age periods that are called- ‘formative ages’ and according to the seven-year-cycles.

Each formative age is like a new spiritual organ that may bring us to a new level of consciousness. Each formative age brings with it a biographical event that has a unique tone characteristic of that age, and is part of the big puzzle of the person’s whole biography and karma.  

During the course we will touch upon the following topics:

  1. The Law of Mirroring – the mysterious connection between the different ages and life periods.
  2. Four births in the human being – Karmic biographical work with the birth story and the additional births that occur in our lives – Age 21, Age 42, Age 63.
  3. Karma-based biography work with the formative ages:
  • Age 5 – The Age of Willing and Longing
  • Age 9 – The birth of self-consciousness – The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden & the Experience of Loneliness
  • Age 12 – “He Created Them Man & Female” – The split and the journey to  earthly self-determination
  • Age 17 – The revelation of “The Sun Year”
  • Age 28 – “The Zero Year” – crossing the threshold
  • Age 33 – The age of inversion
  • Age 49 – from slavery to freedom

Time: Once a month, on Sundays, 9am-12pm Eastern time (USA& Canada), 15:00-18:00 European time, 16:00-19:00 Israel time, via Zoom.

Language: the studies will be in English (no translation).

* Sessions will be recorded and sent to the participants.


Orna Bendor – An experienced Biographical Counselor, the founder and leader of ‘Hotam School’. Investigating, developing and teaching the subject of Karma and Biography for many years, in Israel and around the world.

Yael Armony – An experienced Biographical Counselor and Art Therapist, a teacher, supervisor and co-manager at Hotam school.

Lital Kolmar – An experienced Biographical Counselor and a teacher at Hotam school.

Price for the full year (10 sessions):

Standard price – $300 ($30 per session).

Reduced price – $250 ($25 per session). Please choose this price only if you have a real need for a discount.

Contribution price – $350 ($35 per lesson). This is for those of you who feel they have the possibility to pay more and make it possible to give a discount to those who need it.


Lesson 1: September 8th, 2024

Lesson 2: October 6th, 2024

Lesson 3: November 3rd, 2024

Lesson 4: December 1th, 2024

Lesson 5: January 5th, 2025

Lesson 6: February 2nd, 2025

Lesson 7: March 2nd, 2025

Lesson 8: March 30th, 2025

Lesson 9: May 4th, 2025

Lesson 10: June 8th, 2025